Tuesday, July 21, 2009


During our trip we spent most of our time at Cinque Terre. It's five towns all connected by hiking trails all along the ocean. This is where Adam and I went cliff diving and Jill had her 17 scoops of icecream....thank gosh for hiking. In Italy everyone takes tanning very serious so the beaches are packed with Italians just lying around and its a very scary site. They wear close to nothing for swim suits. I was the only person their wearing a one peice swim suit and probably had the whitest skin there. The saddest part was the grandma's wearing a two peice and their swim suit showed everything...at this point my eyes started to burn.

On our way back to Germany we stopped at Verona. I touched Juliets boob with the sign "thats what she said" hope you like it Donna and Keith :) In Verona they had a market in the middle of the city where I began to shop for gifts. After I bought some flags I was trying to organize my crap while I still had my wallet out. A gypsy saw me and started to beg I kept on saying nine 'no' while trying to find Jill and Adam. After a good ten minutes the lady is still following me around untilI got really frustrated and gave the lady two american dimes (thinking I was clever).But the gypsy looked at the coins and threw them at me while cursing in Italian. That was the most funniest thing ever all I could do was laugh and run away.......

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


For my 17th birthday my sister Jill took me to Paris. Other than almost running out of gas on the highway and locking the keys in the car everything went really great. We had lunch at the Eiffel Tower then went to the Dave Mathew's concert which was AWESOME! At the concert we met two austrailian guys(the chipindales) who also stayed at our camp site which was pretty cool. The next day we headed over to the Louvre museum then over to Notre Dame where we saw random gypsies sleeping in the gardens-We took a picture...and throughout the whole trip Jill and I did little video clips of French Kiss which I'm sure mom will love :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


So me and a few of Brian's friends went to Bath (hang-out place for the Romans) and on the way we stopped and visited stonehenge. Bath was really neat with all the pools and the stone remains (thats about it). One thing i realized in the city is that there are tons of hen parties. We saw at least four lol if I end up getting married in Europe I am definitely not having one.....


There is really nothing to say about London. All we did was just site seeing and walking around. We went and had tea with the queen (in bed), went to many churches, and walked through two musems. Afterwards, we saw Wicked...which was AMAZING!! Although Chase and I almost left during intermission ..whoops..that would of really sucked! But everything went great and we had a blast.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Pub Experience

I actually went to the pub a few days back and forgot to add them in. Since Brian's stupid camera battery is dead I decided to add them.

We all went to the bar right after the boat party and had a blast by goofing around. Couple of hours later we all called it a night and started to walk home. I started to walk with Emma and Ryan until we realized that Brian and Chase werent with us. We started to look around for them until Chase came running towards us.He told us a girl was lying on the sidewalk and they thought she looked dead so Brian stopped and called 999. After calling he realized she was just really really drunk and helped her up and got her into a cab.

Really freaky but memorable....

Monday, June 22, 2009


Today, Brian and I with his friends rented punts for the day. We brought food of all sorts and had a blast seeing the punters almost falling off the boat into the water (Chase and Ryans mom).

Friday, June 19, 2009

Brian's Birthday

Today is (or was) Brian's birthday, so we all took a walk to the Oxford University gardens. Then we went to the Oxford Botanical Gardens, which was very laid back with sitting areas. And I got the lecture (by Chase the science guy) about all the plants and how and why they are so closely related to each other. Afterward we stopped at the PieMinister to have lunch. The lovley picture which Brian took displays grossness, but it actually wasn't that bad....just a meat pie with mashed potatoes and the green pees with some minty flavor added in . . . all covered with gravy! ;)
The picture of me standing in the building is the "Bridge of Sighes", which only Oxford students who study at Hertford College (Brian's college) may enter...this makes me feel special, especially when people are walking by and taking pictures of it - SUCKERS!!!
As you may see, Bach is down by my feet at the Oxford Gardens picture so stop freaking out about him not being in any pictures .....wink wink Anastasia =)